Blending elements of modern jazz with rock, 20th century classical music, calypso, New Orleans, reggae, drum ‘n bass and other diverse styles, Big Neighborhood is a thoroughly original band that about-guthrie-trappis engaging and creative, pushing the listener beyond the confines of tradition.  Firmly rooted in improvisational jazz, they also explore territories touched on by Pat Metheny, John Scofield and similar modernists.

Big Neighborhood has two recordings available on Origin Records.  The first, Neighbors, was released in June 2005.  It received much critical acclaim, including 2005 Grammy Official First-Round Nominee, Earshot Golden Ear Award Nominee in three categories (Best Northwest Jazz Recording, Best Northwest Acoustic Jazz Group, Best Emerging Northwest Jazz Artist), Twirlie Award Nominee, and KBCS (Bellevue, WA) Top 10 Jazz Recordings of 2005.

Their latest recording is the two-disc set 11:11.  Released in September 2006, the album won a spot on
KBCS Top 10 Jazz Recordings of 2006, and was nominated for Earshot Golden Ear Awards for Best Northwest Acoustic Jazz Group and Best Northwest Acoustic Jazz Recording.

Big Neighborhood features Phil Parisot along with David White on guitar and guitar synthesizer, Chris Fagan on alto saxophone, and Doug Miller on bass.